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Dan Savage frequently mentions going to clubs and bars as a way to meet people (both friends and more-than-friends) who you then do not go to clubs and bars with.

Definitely not my scene – I’m not wired to have fun at clubs and bars, instead I’m more likely to be anxious ahead of time and then need to spend a day or two hiding by myself to recover.

Coffee shops, though… coffee shops are great.


Comfy chairs.

Good for reading, internetting (should that just have one t?), writing, conversing quietly…

I hear sometimes you can even meet people there.

And it turns out that Seattle has a butt-ton of coffee shops.

tl;dr: I need to find someplace to be a regular.


I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions… anything a lot of people do because it’s expected or traditional tends to throw up red flags for me (aside from the fact that most NY resolutions last a few days, or a couple weeks, at best).

The past couple years, though, I’ve started using this time to think about my aspirations and goals for the year. 2013 I accomplished a few of them (mainly finding a job I could be happy with for a long time), and failed miserably at others. Will I do better in 2014… well, we’ll see.

Here are some of the main things I’d like to do this year

  • Write
  • Run (and do a marathon in the fall)
  • Cook regularly (instead of living on frozen and fast food).
  • Practice my violin
  • Blog (hello)
  • Have more of a social life, both online and afk (I’m ¬†perfectly content to be alone… but as Stina Leicht recently said “I’m finding that the longer I stay home alone, the harder it is to get out of the house.“)
  • Tied into that, find some sort of creative outlet/community… YouTube, podcasting, improv comedy, I don’t know. But something.


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