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Links for 2014-06-09 to 2014-06-15

So, Tesla made news this week by being clever, high-minded, and/or generous – Tesla Motors open sources their technologyTesla will open up its Supercharger patents, & What Tesla Knows That Other Patent-Holders Don’t

Yes, America, we have returned to debtor’s prisons

Sexism in game design: Assassin’s Creed’s female problems: Devs respond – I hope the backlash from this provokes change. I generally like this series, and just started AC3 a few weeks ago (which features two POC as the good guys taking on white Englishmen who want to be America’s new aristocracy).

With Uber, Less Reason to Own a Car – I keep thinking about selling my car… it comes in handy now and then, but I’ve hit the point where I’m spending more on insurance than gas. Services like Zipcar or Uber may let me cut out that last bit.

Thoughts for 2014 MLIS Grads from a Newbie Librarian – I spent the the first 13 months after completing my MLS stitching together 3 part-time jobs and got maybe 20-30 hours per week. The next 11 monthes I was in a non-supervisory paraprofessional position. Two years after finishing grad school, I landed my current job (supervisory, in a sub-field I love, but still not a “librarian” position) – and I had at least four overlapping strokes of luck that set me up to get this job.

Why I’m sending 200 copies of Little Brother to a high-school in Pensacola, FL – “…the principal cited reviews that emphasized the book’s positive view of questioning authority, lauding “hacker culture”, and discussing sex and sexuality in passing….  don’t think this is a problem because my book is the greatest novel ever written and the kids will all miss out by not reading it, but because I think that the role of an educator is to encourage critical thinking and debate, and that this is a totally inappropriate way to address “controversial” material in schools.”

How Crowdfunding May Help Build Solar Roadways

Bulletproof blankets points the saddest picture about America

Talk Nerdy Episode 15 – Michael Shermer – Linking for interesting comments on food labeling and genetically modified crops.


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