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Attempting habit change

I bought a coffeemaker this morning, and just brewed my first batch (decaf). I used to have a coffeemaker, but when I moved about a year ago I realized I hadn’t make coffee in 5 or 6 six months and it would be wasted space in the car.

Now though, I’m trying to get off energy drinks. Or at least cut back on them. Health-wise, they don’t seem much different than coffee (based on what I found in PubMed last time I checked), but they’re expensive. While the upfront cost of a coffeemaker and regular & decaf coffee is way more than a week of Monster, that scale won’t take long to tip back the other way. I’m thinking if I switch to a cup of coffee in the morning, that’ll help quit the habit.

I’ve got several bad habits (like spending money on energy drinks) I’m trying to shift. Hopefully this is the beginning of the Mike-I-want-to-be and the end of Mike-Who-Was.


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