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  • Kentucky Buoys Noah’s Ark Park With Millions In New Tax Breaks – More Creation Museum antics (after last week’s Ken Ham gem). My comments on tumblr:

    The Creation Museum is trying to get $43 million in tax breaks to build a Noah’s Ark replica as a tourist attraction; which, regardless of legality (I am not a lawyer), strikes me as even more boneheaded than most things they do.

    “We need $43 million in tax breaks for a $173 project to build an ark replica in order to convince people one guy and his three sons built the original unaided (and then kept 2 to 7 of each species alive for several weeks but we aren’t replicating that).” is a pretty ballsy plan.

    I hope local skeptics are keeping tabs on the money and construction workers involved for future reference. On the other hand, if they get a 4-person team to build the replica entirely using ancient hand tools I will at be impressed.

    And the schadenfreude in me can’t wait for the first time this park floods.

  • When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men – to;dr: Social norms are largely constructed; generalities about what “men” or “women” want are probably wrong (both in broad strokes and when applied to individuals).
  • Sex And The Single Churl: Another ‘Bachelorette’ Finale Gets Weird
  • Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired Employee Due to Pregnancy
  • This is the next Hobby Lobby – Notre Dame gets weird.
  • When People Are Property – Like many things, the Broken Windows Theory sounds good on paper and is incredibly flawed in reality.
  • ‘Gotham,’ ‘Stalker’ and how network television can get cable-style violence right

    “I think violence, if you show it, should be disturbing,” Bruno Heller, executive producer of Fox’s “Gotham,” said when asked about his show, which hews closer to Batman’s dark origins than the family-friendly Adam West interpretation of the character. “That’s the only moral way to show violence. It shouldn’t be comical. Or if it is comical, it should have had some moral force to it.”

  • Some more positive news:


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