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Coming up on November

It seems like every year I sign up for Nanowrimo, and every year I make it a few days and then drop off.

I want to try something different this year.

This year I’m just going to try writing a bit every day. If I can do that, or even just succeed 66% of the time, I’ll have 20-30 writing days that month. That’ll be 20 more days than I’ve had most months this year. 20 more days that most months of the past several years.

And it’ll probably be crap. But if I do it, it’ll give something else. It’ll give me a habit.

Which is really what I need, more than 50,000 words. So we’ll see how this goes.

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Yowamushi Pedal s02e03 “Akira”

(I live-blogged watching this episode on Tumblr bc a couple friends requested it. Reposting here.)

  • about to watch this week’s YP… at sallerin’s request i’m gonna be live-blogging here (oh no why did she request that i’m terrified)

    and hom0kage suggested yelling at the two of them & mie85 on dm so that’ll be happening too

    i had half a glass of wine with dinner so i’ll be finishing that as i go, just to make things interesting

  • oh god this episode is called Akira

    everything is horrible

  • i just want Kinjou to win

    BUT I KNOW THAT WON’T HAPPEN  bc act ii has to have an Empire Strikes Back ending

    this is going to hurt

  • why is he doing the victory pose already
  • oh no… this is the saddest flashback

    for now

  • this is horrible why are kids so mean
  • ok when young!midousuji wrecked i was genuinely heartbroken
  • this is like when Peter Jackson makes you feel bad for Gollum
  • oh no

    OH NO

  • okay…. that was a masterful episode…

    but it should probably have a mental health trigger warning

Links post for 2014-10-13 to 2014-10-19 – travel edition

Spent 3 1/2 days traveling this week, so this week’s links is a bit shorter. No videos this week (but they may show up next time).

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