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Links post for 2016-03-21 to 2016-03-27

  • The Bigot in the Machine
  • Birth Control At The Supreme Court: Does Free Coverage Violate Religious Freedom? – I am 100% on the side of requiring institutions to opt out – both from the “not an undue burden” perspective and a purely practical/bureaucratic point of view. (It’s like making plans with a friend – when you ask if they want to meet for coffee, you need a yes or a no in order to make plans and take action. Not silence.) Not only is filing a single form not an undue burden, the institutions involved don’t seem to consider that *they* are seeking to impose a huge burden on their employees whose religious belief is that contraception is just fine. I feel like this is part of a larger trend where job seekers will need to add potential employer’s religious and moral beliefs to their interview questions, regardless of whether the company is for-profit, non-profit, or religious… Unfortunately, most job seekers today are not in a position to turn down a job offer if they actually get one.
  • North Carolina Passes Law Blocking Measures To Protect LGBT People – This will negatively impact many marginalized groups, but it seems particularly targeted at transgender people who want to use the bathroom matching their gender identity. To which this response seems to sum things up:

    These are the people that say, “criminals don’t obey gun laws,” but somehow child sex predators are politely rueing bathroom social norms?

    — Monika MHz (@MonikaMHz) March 24, 2016

  • An antidote to Islamophobia

    …whether or not one shares that belief, we can choose, together, to believe in redemption. In human decency. We can save our soul — whether we take that term to mean our character as a nation, or something more mystical — but we must do it together.

    How? By not staying uncomfortably silent when one’s relatives or coworkers start carrying on about “the Muslims.’’ By asking a proprietor to change the channel when an in-store TV blares pundits preaching hate. By finding out what your kids are being taught about Muslims at school. By contributing to a rebuilding fund for a mosque struck by vandals.

    These things take time and energy. They can make us uncomfortable. But far more costly is the collective choice — through assent or silence — to become comfortable with this religious and racial hatred. We’ve seen where that dark road leads. It is not too late for us, together, to choose a different path.

  • Why it seems impossible to buy your first home
  • When Is A Slate Not A Slate? Or Why Is The Puppy Sad – Ah, Hugos nomination season.
  • How to use AI to automatically schedule your appointments with – Ending on a brighter, “hey that’s cool” note.

Links post for 2016-03-07 to 2016-03-13

“The level of support for Trump is genuinely horrifying to me” edition (note: I do respect that he is willing to change his mind AND ADMIT IT when presented with new evidence – unlike other politicians – but that’s about the only thing I respect about him)

Links post for 2016-02-29 to 2016-03-06


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