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Links post for 2017-02-27 to 2017-03-05


Anything I had for this week got blown out of the water yesterday.


Evidence matters. Facts matter. Show me evidence and you can convince me. But taking extraordinary claims on faith just because your party leader says it’s so is LITERALLY turning your political party into a religion.

It seems like there are three possible stories here:

  • Claims are true and the surveillance was unwarranted – HUGE but very unlikely, in my opinion
  • Claims are true and President Obama’s administration had FISA warrants – HUGE because this means there is documented evidence of collusion with foreign governments
  • Claims are false (for some reason the GOP isn’t talking about this one) – most likely, in my opinion, and should be HUGE but it won’t be because GOP congressfolk have repeatedly demonstrated their craven unwillingness to confront a man who is unfit for office


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