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Links post for 2017-10-30 to 2017-11-05

  • Get America Covered – I’ve seen countless small business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs talk about how the ACA helped them make the leap away from working for someone else, because they didn’t need to depend on an employer for affordable health insurance or worry about pre-existing conditions. If you know someone who’s self-employed, think about asking whether they’ve arranged for health insurance.
  • Notre Dame Is Dropping Birth Control Coverage For Students, Employees – When I started seeing headlines about this, I initially missed the implications for students. It’s one (heartless) thing to tell working women that their birth control is going to be way more expensive because of who they happen to work for. It’s even worse to tell students – who don’t have a regular income and are frequently building debt already – that certain health choices will impose and undue financial burden.
    It’s just funny how so many of the same people arguing for “personal responsibility” want to use legal and economic coercion to impose their beliefs on other people’s responsible choices.

[UPDATE – Notre Dame has apparently reversed this decision. The right call, but not as good as if they hadn’t tried to do the wrong thing in the first place ]


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