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Links post for 2017-12-11 to 2017-12-17

  • SPLC sues federal government over unconstitutional ICE raids – Laws are not always just (for example, see the immigration laws ICE is enforcing) – but I truly do not understand how people in law enforcement can convince themselves that breaking one set of laws to enforce another is ok. If you’ve started picking and choosing like that, you’ve admitted that you’re just using “law” as an excuse to do what you want. (nb I’m making a distinction between “selectively choosing which laws to enforce” and “actually breaking one to enforce another.”)
  • I can’t stop thinking about the “Social Justice Dogma,” or keeping quiet. and the second post in this series, Why I Finally Broke My Silence about the Social Justice Dogma – I said on Mastodon “if you’ve been in a US Christian church where no one questions the pastor bc you Do Not Question Or Criticize Pastor, it’s that. this social dynamic can show up in any community.” Because I see this pattern replicated in everything from family units to sports teams to religious groups to political groups to fandoms (to, yes, social justice communities), I’ve started to think that as primates humans have a tendency to identify a leader and form a cult of personality around them. It’s hard and takes conscious effort (particularly by the leader in question) to create a culture that allows questioning and growth and nuanced discussion/disagreement instead of binary compliance.

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