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Links post for 2018-01-15 to 2018-01-21

  • Jaylen Brown: ‘Sport is a mechanism of control in America
  • When the Soviet Union Paid Pepsi in Warships
  • Trump Admin Will Protect Health Workers Who Refuse Services On Religious Grounds – Having grown up in an extremely-Mike-Pence church environment, I feel obligated to point out that the people refusing service on religious grounds are going to be picking-and-choosing from their holy books, or using a personal interpretation of their scripture and their religious leaders’ teachings. For example, I’m a fornicating atheist, but odds are no evangelicals would refuse to participate in my care since I’m not in a same-sex relationship/pregnant out of wedlock. Funny, that.
    Once you say “historical context matters, so some commands are eternal and some are contextual and we have to interpret which are which” if you don’t admit that you’re picking and choosing, you’re not being honest with yourself. (And if you’re honest about picking and choosing, imho you’ll have a much healthier and more engaged relationship with your religion/spirituality)
  • When A Tattoo Means Life Or Death. Literally – I really need to get around to my end-of-life paperwork…


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