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Tribalism and Branding Among Groups That Don’t Like Trump

“The Resistance” is not the Democratic Party.

“The Resistance” is not Indivisible.

Indivisible is not the Democratic Party.

“The Resistance,” as it’s commonly referred to, is like Anonymous – there’s no membership rolls, no policy platform. If you say you’re resisting, you are part of “The Resistance.”

There is a Resistance Party┬áthat has a platform, but does not seem to be 1:1 with people who consider themselves part of “The Resistance.” I’m not sure if they’ll be running candidates in elections, or if so whether they’ll be running as independents or as Democratic Party candidates.

This has all been on my mind lately as people (who act like they’re speaking for “The Resistance,” whether they’ve actually identified themselves as spokespeople or not) seems to swing between loving and hating the Democratic Party on a week-to-week or day-to-day basis. I think this is because many or most “members of The Resistance” think of themselves as Democrats, and think that “The Resistance” and “Democrats” are (or should be) the same thing.

Realizing that an organization that is not you and your tribe will have different goals and priorities than you do has two effects

  • You don’t feel betrayed when they don’t live up to your expectations
  • You learn to collaborate where you agree, and work independently where you don’t

The Democratic Party has the best interests of the Democratic Party at heart – that’s as it should be. Work with them when you can, work against them when you can’t. Remember that the victory condition isn’t “Democrats beat Republicans” but “elections have fair results, rights are protected” and so on.


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