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Tuesday Reads – 2018-02-20

Gonna try a new recurring topic, if nothing else than to get me to update more than once a week. And since new books come out on Tuesday, and occasionally I’m able to pre-order something and then actually start reading it the day it comes out, this makes as much sense as anything.

I’ve just started reading Blood Binds The Pack by Alex Wells. It’s far-future sci-fi by way of Deadwood with a dash of fantasy. I learned about Alex Wells/Acks on Mastodon over the winter, and they’re my favorite new-to-me author for 2017 (2018 is currently Linda Nagata, 2016 was Malka Older – with an honorable mention for Yoon Ha Lee whose short fiction I already loved. Go read all these people’s books!) Book 1 of this series was great, and I’m excited to be back in this world.

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Twitter blip

Today I saw that an author I like had tweeted about something I care about, and I wanted to interact. So I signed up for an account, responded to their tweet, tweeted my own tweet, retweeted a couple things… and then noticed that the author’s automated block filter had blocked me, because with only one tweet and no profile pic it looked like an account solely created to harass people.

So I deleted the account.

A party that requires that sort of defense mechanisms isn’t a party that’s worth being at.

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