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Links post for 2017-10-09 to 2017-10-15

pondering… twitter has been a great source for links (in addition to other things). gonna have to find a way to compensate for losing that.

on being a twitter user and complicity


  • users are the product. advertisers are the consumers.
  • even if i don’t sign in, my account is a statistic.
  • twitter has failed – over and over – to take action against harassment, racism, misogyny, and the like
  • twitter owns the content i create on their site
  • not signing in for one day doesn’t affect their bottom line
  • as much as people say “this site is trash,” no one ever leaves
  • there are many alternatives to twitter


  • i’m going to delete my account in 1 week. i’ll likely set up an autotweet to go once or twice a day until then
  • follow me at, or on, or email or text if you want to stay in touch

this sucks. i’ve been on twitter since february 2008. i’ve met some really cool people on here, and in a lot of ways it’s provided me with relationships and a community that i’ll never have in meatspace.

but in the grand scheme? staying here is only making things worse.

maybe i’ll get back into tumblr again, idk

The president is killing Americans by sabotaging the ACA

Mid-week link bc this is immoral, even by Trump’s standards.

Trump to end key ACA subsidies, a move that could threaten the law’s marketplaces

Just like Mike Pence in Indiana, Trump’s pandering (against the council of healthcare experts) will cause many to die and more to suffer.

The slightly-less fucked up part of this is knowing that when the ACA marketplaces begin to fail BECAUSE OF THIS DECISION, Trump’s going to say it’s Obama’s fault and not his.

Links post for 2017-10-02 to 2017-10-08

  • Pence Flies to NFL Game to Stage Walkout Over Anthem Protests (I prefer the twitter headline Mike Pence gives a master class on how not to orchestrate a political stunt) –

    Vice President Pence was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on Sunday after the game for an event in the early evening. This means that Pence traveled from Las Vegas to Indianapolis, walked out of a football game, then traveled back to the West Coast — all in the space of 24 hours, and all using taxpayer dollars, including for the extra security at the game because of his presence.

    I’ve seen estimates that this cost taxpayers around a quarter-million dollars.
  • Trump Guts Requirement That Employer Health Plans Pay For Birth Control – I said this on twitter: “Not covering birth control is sexist, corporations can’t have religious beliefs, a form on why you qualify for an exemption isn’t a burden.” “Every step of the way, Hobby Lobby and their ilk and their enablers are wrong.” “nvm that whatever $ employers save by not getting plans to cover birth control will not go to those with new costs (or any employees at all)”
  • In response to Sessions’ “protect religious liberty” line, a Christian seminary president took to twitter to respond.
  • How Canada ended gerrymandering – I wish I could believe that America will try to solve this problem.
  • Strong as Hell – Stina Leicht on the evolution of the female action star.
  • Finding Her Voice – Chloie is an inspirational woman; learning what happened with CrossFit made me start looking into policies of any event I sign up for (which, tbh, are mostly local fun runs).
  • This Future Looks Familiar: Watching Blade Runner in 2017 (tw: rape, slavery)- I’ve only seen Blade Runner once, either late in high school or early in college. I want to say it was the director’s cut (or at least, the version of the director’s cut available on VHS ca. 2000). I wasn’t as aware then as I am now, so I didn’t react the same way this reviewer did. In hindsight though, they’re absolutely right.
    I wonder how similar Blade Runner is to Fight Club this way; where the authoral intent and the audience reception doesn’t really match up.
  • General Motors Is Going All Electric – I, for one, am looking forward to my electric self-driving car.
  • Air Force Academy Head Shows What Real Leadership on Race Looks Like
  • Episode 796: The Basic Income Experiment – Automation has been spreading for decades (I’m not sure whether the term is “exponentially” or “logarithmically,” but… one of those). I’ve been convinced for most of a decade that basic income, or something like it, is the only thing that can save the American middle and lower classes from slow and painful destruction. Like gerrymandering, though, I wish I could believe it will happen.

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