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CrossFit Open 2018 and rule 1.04

I can’t boycott the CrossFit Open this year bc I’m not affiliated with a gym (and am out of shape), but am sharing this in case you or your friends are:

Rule 1.04 ( is transphobic, as is CrossFit Inc.’s refusal to engage with critics on this issue.

CrossFit Inc. wants the Games to be a legit competition, but they base their rules on unscientific assumptions about birth sex and gender (claiming that AMAB female athletes have a genetic advantage).

By comparison, a large and growing number of events – including the Olympics – allow athletes to compete under their identified gender and test hormone levels if there is a concern. I’m not in a position to say if this is the best solution, but when elite athletes have regular blood draws for drug testing (including CrossFit Games athletes) this seems vastly preferable, and doesn’t harm the vast majority of Open competitors – unlike rule 1.04

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