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Buzzfeed has a post on Twitter’s “new rules”

Buzzfeed has a post on Twitter’s “new rules” that has the best update/correction:


This post has been updated to make it clear that Twitter’s update merely adds clarity to existing rules. The rules themselves remain unchanged.

Anyone still on there, lemme know how that works out for you.

there are many alternatives to twitter…

When I was in the process of deleting my Twitter account (the personal one, anyway – at the moment I still have my “professional” account but it doesn’t get much use), I set up rss to follow some people whose feeds I valued. Tonight I’m catching up on some of them in feedly, and it’s …. interesting.

In a few different people’s feeds I’m seeing posts about how to keep using twitter but making your stats less useful… which may feel good as a privacy step, but doesn’t actually impact their ability to sell ads based on impression and interaction counts. ALSO there are MANY MANY alternatives to Twitter! You don’t have to stay in an abusive relationship with the social media site you generate unpaid content for (and I’ve started giving YouTube a heavy sideeye based on that).

on being a twitter user and complicity


  • users are the product. advertisers are the consumers.
  • even if i don’t sign in, my account is a statistic.
  • twitter has failed – over and over – to take action against harassment, racism, misogyny, and the like
  • twitter owns the content i create on their site
  • not signing in for one day doesn’t affect their bottom line
  • as much as people say “this site is trash,” no one ever leaves
  • there are many alternatives to twitter


  • i’m going to delete my account in 1 week. i’ll likely set up an autotweet to go once or twice a day until then
  • follow me at, or on, or email or text if you want to stay in touch

this sucks. i’ve been on twitter since february 2008. i’ve met some really cool people on here, and in a lot of ways it’s provided me with relationships and a community that i’ll never have in meatspace.

but in the grand scheme? staying here is only making things worse.

maybe i’ll get back into tumblr again, idk


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