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Mike Reads Wheel of Time: Eye of the World

I read a few (6 or 7?) of the Wheel of Time books in high school and college, but dropped off when the books got longer and the pace slowed down (seems like many readers did around that point). Ever since Brandon Sanderson finished the series, though, I’ve been meaning to get back to it so I can read the Sanderson books (which I’ve heard are quite good). To that end, I recently checked out the audiobook for Eye of the World for a long drive last weekend (11 hours each way). I don’t want to do a full in-depth review, but I thought it’d be fun to post the comments I made on Goodreads as I went through the book.

There aren’t too many for this one, because again: driving. But as I keep moving through the series I’ll try to do more. This won’t be a regular series, bc I have a lot of other books I want to read first.

  • 34%: “I’m beginning to have lots of questions about the theology/religion worldbuilding (though I guess it’s less religion and more ancient history). Two Rivers had superstition but no church. Ba’alzamon is a cartoon Satan, doing Evil just to do Evil, but he’s not opposing any Good force. Ditto the Darkfriends so far. The Children of Light aren’t *for* anything, they’re just a lynch mob.
    Where are the holy books & gods?”
  • 50%: Like they said on GeekNights: “Fantasy Novel: The Novel”
  • 94%: “I’m confused about the Children of Light. With no organized church and no backing from the state, how do they fund and maintain a standing army?”


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